11 August 2012

Jane Austen: Northanger Abbey

"Sally, or rather Sarah (for what young lady of common gentility will reach the age of sixteen without altering her name as far as she can?) [...]
a fine Sunday in Bath empties every house of its inhabitants, and all the world appears on such an occasion to walk about and tell their acquaintance what a charming day it is. As soon as divine service was over, the Thorpes and Allens eagerly joined each other; and after staying long enough in the pump-room to discover that the crowd was insupportable, and that there was not a genteel face to be seen, which everybody discovers every Sunday throughout the season [...] "
Jane Austen: Northanger Abbey (Originaltext, auch gelesen)

Ja, es ist wieder einmal eine Liebesgeschichte, aber Austens Abstand zu ihrer Heldin ist ungewöhnlich groß. Und ihr Spott, der sich sonst nur über Einzelpersonen ergießt, trifft diesmal das von ihr ungeliebte Bath.

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